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Connect WAN 3G

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Connect WAN 3G

Digi International - Connect Wan 3G

The Digi Connect WAN family contains a host of high-end WWAN cellular products providing secure high-speed wireless connectivity to remote sites and devices. These products can both be installed for primary wireless network connectivity at remote sites or as a back-up solution for existing landline communications.

In practice, these units will typically be useful as primary connection with remote sites equipped with both Ethernet or serial devices. Examples of such sites can be temporary facilities (festival parks, etc.), sites that are still under construction, electricity cabins or smaller retail sites (branches of large distribution chains).

As indicated before, Digi ConnectWAN's can also be deployed as a back-up for existing landline connections with remote offices, retail shops, banks, etc. This might be very interesting or even crucial when it these remote sites cannot cope with long connection interruptions. Imagine you have an ATM in your shop and it loses its connection, than it is more than comfortable to have a 100% reliable back-up with the Digi ConnectWAN working over UMTS or other cellular networks!


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