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Audiotel GPRS Industrial Plus Modem

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Audiotel GPRS Industrial Plus Modem

Audiotel Urmet - Industrial Plus modem

Industrial modem with TCP/IP stack

The industrial Plus is a GSM / GPRS modem with every basic function such modem can offer (data/fax - sms - voice - internet functionalities) plus a complete TCP/IP stack and with autotest, telemanagement and telemaintenance functions:



- AT commands dedicated to TCP/IP stack management
- Modem status autocheck with modem functions auto restore in case of failures
- Teleconfiguration of every modem parameters
- Remote firmware download
- Open platform for the realisation of custom application using C language.

The Industrial Plus modem is optimized for industrial applications robustness, easy to install and to connect, flexibility in using. It is ideal for every automation, M2M, remote control, telemetry, environmental monitoring, security, automotive applications.

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