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Audiotel GPRS Industrial I/O Modem

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Audiotel GPRS Industrial I/O Modem

Audiotel Urmet - Industrial Plus I/O modem

Industrial modem with TCP/IP stack and I/O management

The industrial Plus I/O modem is a GSM / GPRS modem with every basic function such modem can offer (data/fax - sms - voice - internet functionalities) plus a TCP/IP stack, with autotest, tele-management and tele-maintenance functions and in addition an I/O management.

It is also connectable to an expander for additional analogue and digital I/Os management. For the Industrial I/O modem we also offer an open development platform for the realisation or customisation of your application using C language.

The Industrial Plus I/O is optimised for industrial applications: robusteness, easy to install and to connect, flexibility. It is ideal for every automation, M2M (machine to machine communication), remote control, telemetry, environmental monitoring, security, automotive applications.